My Biography


It so happens that this document will be released during the beloved African American history month celebration. Though not intentional, I appreciate the timing and opportunity this presents for me, an African American, to reflect on what was sacrificed for me to be able to participate in society like I can and the opportunity to seek ways to better myself. With that said, the idea of this essay came from the media pressure that many African Americans have felt for the last few years. My personal statement proclaims my refusal to fall into the temptation to hold or conjure up stereotypical feelings of hate or contempt for whites because the public constantly feed a racist narrative.
Despite the increase in hate groups in America, (which still accounts for a small percentage of Americans) the concept of racism is becoming more archaic in respect to the mass and emerging generations of Americans. This essay will present evidence of this transition and dares to suggest that racism is not the soul(intended) issue for African Americans, though most issues concerning our communities originate from racism, and it is surely a factor.

Generational Racism

Parents pass their belief systems to their children and then racism transfers to the next generation. The resistance to this comes from everyday exposure to other cultures in a country that theoretically respects the different cultural backgrounds of individuals. It is the year 2017. There have been babies born under the Obama presidency. A black president is all they really know. Because of global integration and early exposure to diversity, the result is a more tolerant generation.
Millennials show a base cultural appreciation for various cultures. Their appreciation shows in the integration of different musical genres. Such merging includes hip-hop and classical, ballet and jazz. The hip-hop orchestra duo, Black Violin, popularized blended hip-hop and orchestra. Their music shows the traditional Anglo-genre of classical music influencing hip-hop, a traditional African American genre. Not only is there an integration of music genres amongst cultures, there are instances where the minority in a particular genre will dominate the majority of that genre. An example is the white American rapper Marshall Matters better known as Eminem.
His quick and creative lyrical style sets him apart as a superior rapper, even though he is a white minority in a predominantly black industry. This concept expands into sports as well. Sports traditionally played by whites are starting to see their best players come from the other side of the ethnic spectrum, such as Serena Williams in tennis and Tiger Woods during his prime as a professional golfer. With such merging of cultural likes and a generation constantly exposed to diversity, it is becoming more and more difficult for society to hold on to a racist mentality, and it will continue to meet opposition against an evolving society.  

Racism Today

Expressing integration of cultures and diversity amongst everyday society in America is not suggesting that racism is not an issue to be addressed. I acknowledge the racial discriminatory tendencies and the higher percentage of black men profiled and shot down, whether physically or emotionally. The struggle of black men is a hard one. I know about being black as a woman. Both genders share the common struggle of being black but gender presents its own set of issues. I will not go into which gender has more burdens. Racism exists but Americans have more rights, more freedom, and more opportunities than any other time in history. People around the world come to the U.S. to take advantage of opportunities that most Americans of every race and ethnicity take for granted.
Racism in America today tells African Americans that they have to work harder and work smarter regardless of situations. This explains why President Obama’s family portrayed themselves with much grace and meekness despite constant opposition. If there are more rights, more freedoms, and more opportunities now than ever before, then what is it that troubles the African American community?

The Real Issue

After much contemplation and an understanding of the privileged position blacks have by merit of American citizenship, I feel safe saying that many of the issues facing African Americans are internal and stem from racism. If parents consistently tell children they are nothing and will amount to nothing, the children will start to believe that of themselves. That child will grow to be an adult and will behave in a way that reflects the way that child thinks of himself. For centuries, African Americans have been told that they are less than human, that they are not good enough. Blacks today see their sisters and brothers murdered on TV and social media by law enforcement who often times get nothing more than slaps on their wrists for their crimes. Companies say you cannot work here; industries say not a chance. The historical situation of blacks in this country has created a sense of self-hatred among the people. This shows itself in many forms but is concentrated in black on black violence and learned-helplessness. There is skepticism among the black community to avoid business with other blacks. I tell you, the issue of not circulating cash flow in black communities has to change. If we are to climb the ladder of success as a people then it is important to support black businesses so that they can have a say in their respective industries. You cannot lobby for legislation if you do not have the proper resources.
Slavery was terrible and so was segregation. Today, the lack of access to proper education and reliable health shows that racism lurks in the fabric of Americas’ social structure. However, these issues, as problematic as they are, pale in comparison to the psychological issues they create. We can address the external issues but if our mentality is flawed, external fixes will not be as efficient. I am suggesting that racism is dwindling among a progressive generation, not as in political terminology but by children in America becoming increasingly integrated. There is progress. Despite such, racism is instilled in American society and the residue of historical racism has left the African American community with psychological issues. Overall and in the face of a presidency that has ignited an ancient hate for all people with more melanin, I refuse to oblige, I love white people. I love brown people, yellow, and orange people. Every country has its issues yet there is hope for America and as long as we continue to evolve socially and mentally, America will begin to function in harmony and respect for diversity.